" I highly recommend Roo Parenting to any Dad, even the father who thinks he has a clue about what he is doing raising a child. I learned so many new activities to play with my 4-month-old son, which were actually age-appropriate and beneficial to his development. The best part, aside from the little guy’s responses to the activities, was that I didn’t need to step foot into a baby store. All the stuff we needed was already lying around our home - I just didn’t know how to use it yet."

 Dan, Toronto ON


"Caron's expertise, advice and support through our daughter's transitions were invaluable. We were tackling some big issues, and Caron was wonderful at listening to our unique concerns and providing us with hands on strategies that we could implement right away. One challenge for us was our eldest daughter's transition into becoming a big sister. She would melt down when her younger sister needed to be nursed or held, which proved incredibly difficult for all of us. One of Caron's strategies involved giving our baby a voice. Within a few days, we noticed big changes. Caron opened our eyes to strategies that were beyond our peripheral vision, but they made sense and made all the difference. Our daughter began to look at her baby sister more lovingly, as a human being rather than something new that was stealing away our time."

Jan and Meghan, Burlington ON


"As a first time mother with little experience of newborns, I was unsure what a typical infant’s day should look like. Roo parenting helped me with mapping out a typical day. The major advantage was the personal advice and chance to ask particular questions before and after implementing the schedule. My baby wasn't a good sleeper so I felt that a schedule was even more important to help us both make it through the day. Roo parenting made a schedule that was easy to follow and helped me get into a routine with my baby".

Janelle, Toronto ON


"While raising children remains my top love, devotion and joy, parenting can also be at times all-encompassing, overwhelming and in our society somewhat isolating. Each of my kids is very different and I strive to find solutions to their troubles, and hence my troubles, in a tailored manner acknowledging that they each need different tools to deal with many of the same issues that surface while growing up. With so much advice floating around, how do you make sense of what will work for your family and kids? With Roo Parenting working alongside our family, we were able to tackle issues that surfaced with tailored tools that I couldn't find anywhere else. No amount of googling or chatting with other moms could have offered the solutions that Caron came up with. She was extremely sensitive to our needs and resourced techniques, tools and strategies that helped resolve the issues at hand and in turn develop my children beyond what I could have offered. I love that by using systems Caron develops, I am empowered to help transition my children's problems to pleasures. From the bottom of our family's hearts - thank you Caron for sharing your immense education, professional experience and personal touches with everyone. You are a gem!" 

Sarah, Toronto ON


"The strategies that Roo parenting offered us for some of our toddler's challenging behaviours assisted us to communicate in a more meaningful way with our daughter. We really liked how Caron worked with our parenting style to figure out an individualized plan that would work for us. We noticed positive changes in our toddler's demeanor almost immediately as we learned how to effectively manage tantrums and establish and maintain daily routines. This was invaluable to us as our household is now a more peaceful place. Thank you Roo parenting with making the "terrible twos" manageable for two working professionals!"

Katie and Craig, Kingston ON