Getting dressed, eating a meal, changing a diaper, getting out the door on time or the drawn out bedtime ritual. The day-to-day routine with young children is anything but smooth, and achieving compliance can be elusive and result in on going battles between parent and child. We can help your family by providing strategies to get you through the day efficiently and happily, making more time for you to enjoy the day and connect with your children in a meaningful way.


Terrible twos, trying threes and ferocious fours…we all know that the early stages of childhood can be a challenging time for kids and their behaviour. Children are constantly experiencing a variety of new emotions while at the same time developing new skills. These emotions can erupt or overwhelm at any moment. Let us help you learn how to mitigate negative behaviours and work through passionate emotions, defiance, temper tantrums and the word NO!


Change is difficult for everyone—parents and kids. Let us help you support your family through the transitions that take place in your lives, including bringing home a new sibling, moving to a new house or city, going back to work, introducing a nanny into your lives or finding and starting daycare.


Play is the most powerful tool for helping children understand and learn about the world around them. Sometimes it can be difficult for parents to know how to engage and play with their children in a meaningful way. Roo Parenting can help enhance this experience by providing 60-minute play-based development sessions where parents will learn different activities to stimulate their child’s development and help them connect with their child. These sessions are ideal for new parents and can be done in a group setting or one on one.



Sometimes as parents you just don’t have the words or know what to do to help your child navigate an unforeseen challenge. Let us help you by arming you with the confidence, words and tools to help your kids cope. Whether it is illness, loss, separation or divorce we can support you in communicating and implementing coping tools that will help you and your children work through any struggle.