Roo Parenting is a consulting service that provides support to parents as they work through the unknowns and challenges of raising young children. We recognize that deciding how to navigate every day routines and major life transitions can be difficult, especially with all the conflicting information and claims out there about the “best approach”.

At Roo Parenting, we offer practical, manageable strategies that are cultivated and tailored to suit the needs, goals, values and lifestyle of each family we support.


Caron Irwin is the founder of Roo Parenting. She is a mother of three young children and a Certified Child Life Specialist with a strong background in Child Development and learning through play. For ten years, she has been supporting children and families through illness at Canada’s largest children’s hospital. She holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Studies from Ryerson University.

Through all of her experience—academic, professional and personal—Caron has become passionate about supporting young families and helping them grow and thrive. Roo Parenting was created to provide parents with comprehensive, individualized support while fostering and encouraging confidence and enjoyment through the adventures of parenting. Caron recognizes that parenting is difficult and at times can feel lonely with little certainty about where to turn for guidance.  With her sound experience and calm, approachable nature, Caron provides parents with the support they need to navigate their evolving role.